How to connect two Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 speakers: step-by-step guide

How to connect two Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 speakers? In this day and time of global entertainment, everyone is in search of Harman Kardon Onyx Studio a better way to connect a handy studio speaker to their phones, tablets, or Bluetooth HK Onyx Studio 6 speakers.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Speakers is a product of the US Harman International Industries, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. The wireless portable Bluetooth speakers are better experienced than explained. These speakers are waterproof, and each generation of speakers is uniquely made.

Let’s get into the article and guide you through how to connect two Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 for better understanding.

how to connect two harman kardon onyx studio 6
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Can two Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 speakers be connected?

Yes, two Harman Kardon speakers can be connected. As the sound (Studio 6) implies, it is the 6th generation of the company’s wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Harman International Industries produced their studio speakers in such a way, that is simple to connect to phones, tablets, and PCs.

The two Onyx Studio 6 Speakers can be connected with ease thereby giving the incomparable standard sound, that last for eight hours at a stretch of play.

Types of Harman Kardon Onyx speakers

There are various types of HK onyx studio speakers. The Harman Kardon differentiates its speakers by numbers from one generation to another.

This occurs after an upgrade of the HK speakers to give users optimum performance. The Onyx Studio Speakers are 1-9, but currently, the concentration of this article is on the possibility of connecting two Harman Kardon speakers together to give the best music sound through your mobile phone, tablet, and PC.

Can connecting two Harman Kardon Studio 6 have an advantage?

Yes, connecting two Harman Kardon speakers together has its advantages. Usually, individuals who buy a new product always go for the best of products; for this reason research or check on which of the products to purchase and also give maximum benefits is valid to users.

Harman Kardon speakers are great speakers that function alone and also possess great advantages when two HK speakers are connected to play at a time.

The output produced is magical and magnetic. Can you imagine two pair Harman Kardon speakers when connected considering the features of this speaker? The product has a distinguishing mark:

  • eight hours of playtime
  • 50w of audio power
  • power of water resistance on IPx7
  • connect up to two Bluetooth devices at a time
  • connect two speakers at a time
  • has internal controls
  • a rechargeable battery that lasts for eight hours, etc.
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Any possibility of connecting two Harman Kardon speakers 6 to the microphone?

It is possible to connect Harman Kardon Speakers 6 to a Microphone because this provision was made by the manufacturers and complimented by the users. When a connection occurs, you may connect your computer/smartphone via the audio from the speakers.

Afterward, users can always listen/enjoy the sound of the music.

The standard and qualities of some microphones differ, therefore it is advised to select a microphone that will match your Harman Kardon speaker.

Can I pair Harman Kardon onyx speakers of different models?

Yes, you may pair Harman Kardon speakers of different models together, but in some cases, it may not work. There are quite a number of the onyx speakers that are not compatible with the other. It was originally designed this way, and not an omission. For example, the Onyx Studio 4 can not be paired with Onyx Studio 6. Their connectivity is not the same.

The Onyx Studio 4, has HK Link+ and can link up over 100+ with the same features using the touch button. Studio 4 has the best-sounding output. It should also be noted that the Onyx studio speaker 6 has a wireless dual sound and cannot link with studio 4.

When connecting multiple speakers, there is no need to carry out trial and error. It is proper to read through the instructions available with the user operating manual or visit the manufacturer’s site to verify which of the speaker models and your speaker can be paired.

The fact is that Harman Kardon Onyx speakers were designed so that their speakers can connect with identical models at a snap. Onyx Studio 5 may connect with speakers 6 while Onyx 7 may link with 6.

DIY learning of this can be a struggle.

And if you’ve never operated with stereo mode before now; stereo mode can feel like work.

However, this is not the case.

Guide to connect two Harman Kardon Studio 6 speakers

Harman Kardon Bluetooth speaker is known for their sound quality output; ranked among the best such as JBL Speakers. Having previously explained about the HK studio speakers, let’s dive into a more practical explanation of how two Harman Kardon Studio 6 speakers can be paired together from one audio cable, be it a smartphone, tablet, or PC.


Step 1: When the Bluetooth button is turned on, the next thing is to press the power button on the Bluetooth speakers. After pressing the power button, a light appears, and you hear a loud sound that follows through. i.e. the light signals pairing mode about to begin. This occurs when the speaker comes alive.

Step 2: Next, make sure to make on available the Bluetooth speaker available, and then pair it to your smartphone device; here you will hear a small sound with the light on which puts the whole action on a pairing mode.

At this point, the list of devices on your phone or laptop depending on the gadget you currently use will surface. Afterward, select your Bluetooth-enabled device speaker and begin pairing mode.

Step 3: Having reached this finishing point, you can now confirm/check if what has been done is correct. You may proceed to play music or a movie to see if any sound occurs from the speaker, at this point while the other speaker is on hold.If music sound occurs from the HK speaker this means the connection of one speaker to your gadget is successful.

Step 4: After connecting one speaker, the following action is to link the second speaker and switch it on. At this point do not press the Bluetooth button on this speaker yet.

Step 5: Now press the Link up point ‘+’ on the first speaker that you have previously joined with using your device. Then press the Linkup + (Connect button) on the second speaker, and you will see the result of both Harman speakers working.

Step 6: Finally, check the sound of the first and second speaker to see if it brings out your desired music, if the result is positive it means you have perfectly paired both. You can then proceed to dance to your music with your friends using two speakers.

You can use the Harman Kardon app to enjoy music to your ears.

What happens if the connection fails?

When the connection of both speakers on the audio gear fails, there is a need to understand that the range of distance required is already stipulated in the user’s operating manual and should be checked, to enable the distance not far wide from the left speaker to the other speaker.

If you connect Harman Kardon speakers and it fails after you have done as shown above, you may now disconnect all connection processes and try again.

If after another trial it does not work, it is advised you seek professional help or you may contact the manufacturers through the support contact on their website or an agent.

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Using two Harman Kardon speakers has great benefits for users, especially when connected to a smart smartphone, tablet, or laptop/PC.

There is a need for users to contact Harman Kardon International Industries if there is a problem beyond their ability so they can enjoy the optimum performance your first speaker and second speaker give. Although Harman Kardon speakers never really disappoint.


How do I connect two Onyx studio speakers?

To connect two Harman Kardon speakers together, switch on the first Bluetooth speaker and pair it with the Bluetooth device. Next, switch on the second Onyx speaker.

Then, press the Bluetooth button till a special sound pops up. From the effect of the Bluetooth button clicking and the sound following, you have both speakers connected and ready for use.

How many Onyx 6 can you pair together?

You can be able to connect two Onyx 6 speakers to enjoy your music and have fun with friends and family with up to eight hours of satisfaction as a stretch of play.

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